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With Valentine’s right around the corner, love is on my mind. These days that four-letter word conjures up images of sloppy, sticky kisses from my two-year old and carefully written, but adorably misspelled, love letters from my Kindergartner. I think of my husband, our Rock, laughing with my girls as they put on silly shows in the living room after dinner. I feel like my heart is overflowing with joy. And as commercialized as Valentine’s can be, I also know that it is a day that can be meaningful too. February 14th can be more than just candy and cards, it can be a day to remember and cherish all those who fill our hearts.

For me, the best way to show someone how much you love them is easy—just say it! But if the right words seem out of reach at the moment, the next best way is through old-fashioned love letters. Perhaps a letter can be even more powerful because it is pen to paper. A love letter is something you can hold onto even when the years tick by and that precious toddler turns into a precocious teenager. And at those times, if scowls seem to be given out more easily than hugs, we can turn to our love letters and remember.

My love letters for my little ones will be written on plain white paper with a simple red pen. I will describe what I love about them at this age, this time in their lives. I will record what they mean to me and why. I may even start with “I love you because….”. I want to write down what they love to do and who they are. Interests, friends, and favorite foods and games. I will write it all down. Then with a few red heart stickers and maybe even a kiss, I will seal it.

For my husband, I know he would prefer a text or a quick email. But not for Valentine’s Day! No, he is getting the real thing too. I will probably start it the same way, “I love you because….”. I will tell him why I love him at this time, at this season in our relationship. And when we are old and ‘gray’, I will have the words to remind me of how far we have traveled together.

I’m not sure how my love letters will be received. But I think teaching my girls the importance of telling people how you feel is part of my job as a mom. And in our age of quick, flashy, fast technology, I want them to know how special a real letter makes people feel. My husband isn’t one for ‘mushy love’- but with life’s hectic schedule, I know this letter is long over-due. Even husbands need to know they are loved!

My love letters will be passed along through a simple ‘mailbox’ I fashioned out of felt and hot glue last year. But anything can work, a basket tied with a red ribbon or even an old shoebox covered in paper. 

And who knows, maybe, just maybe I will get lucky. Maybe my loved ones will write me back.

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