Raise your hand...

Okay, truth time, raise your hand if you know exactly what you are doing. Put that hand high in the air if you have it all figured out, if you are totally sure you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. Point those fingers up to the sky, if at any give time, you can be totally sure in saying "Yes, I am the expert. I know it all!"


 Not sure if your hand is in the air, but I can tell you that mine is not :)

I "dabble" in a variety of things- family, parenting, friendship, sewing, photography, running, writing, crafting, decorating, selling my creations... But I will be the first to tell you, half the time I feel like I have no idea what I am doing.  Whether it is trying to teach my daughter to use the potty, figuring out how to resolve conflicts with friends, or even buying fabric-- I have those moments when I think, "Am I really qualified to be doing this??!!"

 But I charge ahead. I try things that scare me, I push. Throughout life we will each try new things, head out on new adventures, and hopefully take a few risks. And it is impossible to set out on those journeys if we wait until we 'know exactly what to do'.

There is really no way to ever achieve that 'expert' status. Sure there are other people who we might feel are more qualified for the job because they have a fancy title or cute kids or really shiny shoes. But in the end, no one knows better than YOU. You know you best. You know what you really want. You know, deep inside, that YOU can do it. It's just that sometimes believing in ourselves is a little scary.

It makes me think of my daughter on her first Girl Scout troop outing. All the girls in the troop were proudly wearing their vests (which didn't have any patches on them yet) and their little blue beanies- some with the tags still on. To say this group was 'green' would be an understatement. But never the less, they were a proud bunch. The task at hand was to help select and wrap gifts for local children. And just like that, each one of those Kindergarten girls stepped up to the table and began working, no hesitation. When asked if they needed any help, my daughter confidently replied, "No, we're Girl Scouts, this is what we do!"

 At that moment it dawned on me, these girls had recieved no formal 'Girl Scout' training. No one had labled them as experts-- they hadn't even earned one patch yet!  Instead they just decided that was who they were and what they wanted to do. Maybe the new uniform made them a little more brave, but what it came down to was that they declared themselves to be worthy and they did the job. They reached down inside themselves and listlend to that voice that said, "You can do it!". And they did.

-So if you are waiting to decorate your home
-or to go to the gym
-or to join that group
-or to start a new business
-or to take that class
-or to try a hobby
-or to read that book
-or to talk to that friend
-or to have family over for dinner
-or to plan that date
-or to make that phone call
-or send that email
-or to take that first step

Do it now.
The timing will never be right.
You will never be sure you have it all figured out.
You will always be a bit scared.
But listen to that voice inside, because You are enough.
This is 'What You Do.'
You've got this.


Don't forget to check back here Tuesday, I am trying something new... and I would love you to join me!

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