Super Nanny America

Anyone out there watch "Super Nanny"? Well for some reason the producers of the show emailed me (I think because my blog has the word Texas in its title) to spread the word that they are currently casting for Super Nanny America--- right here in Texas.

So if you know anyone who is interested, this might be your chance. The email says:

My name is Rebecca and I'm one of the Casting Producers launching the television show "America's Supernanny."   The premise of Supernanny is the same; however, it will air on Lifetime and the title has changed to "America's Supernanny" because the show will feature an American nanny.  We're still looking for parents in need of some tips and guidance for handling their children and getting their household to run more smoothly.  Are these parents struggling with a rebellious tween?  Is behavior an issue?  Do they need advice?  If so, they may be just what we are looking for!

If you could help us spread the word to moms and dads, it would be greatly appreciated. This is a nationwide casting call; however,  a team of casting producers will be IN TEXAS to meet with potential families for the show.

Interested moms and dads should email REBECCA at rgreenberg@shedmediaus.com with their name, contact info, city/state, reason why they need help, and a recent family photo. 

Some days I feel like I need Super Nanny to visit my home!

But, overall my girls are sweet and we get along pretty well :)  So, I don't think we'd make the cut.

Do you know anyone dealing with a challenging parenting situation? Super Nanny just might be able to help!

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