How to Make Bunting-(the Crafty way)

Lots of fun projects for Maisy's birthday party. Here is one of my favorites- the bunting.

I love how simple and inexpensive this project is to complete. It is sweet, vintage and looks like fabric!

I bought 10 sheets of coordinate 12x12 scrapbook paper.

Then I folded each sheet in half and using a triangle pattern (I made this one quickly just for this project). I traced 10 triangles.

Next I cut them out using my paper pinking-shears.

Oh and when you cut out the triangles, you get a bonus triangle from the middle! This one does not have a flap, but you can still hang it :)

Then I printed out the letters of Maisy's name on cardstock. I used "American Typewriter" font and chose "outline" under my formatting options. That way I would have a line to cut around. The font size is 130.

Finally hang the triangles over your line and tape the backs.

I used the bunting on the fireplace for her name. And then I used it to display 12 months of her photos.

I stuck the rest wherever I was needing some sweet decor.
Pretty cute huh?
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