"Game of Thrones" PTA Luncheon

This year I am all about the PTA! As you know, I have always loved volunteering at my girls' school. But this year I am kicking it into high gear! Since I am not teaching preschool, I am completely submerging myself in all things 'volunteer' related. At Maisy's elementary school, I am the Council Delegate and President Elect. And at Afton's new middle school, I am co-chairing the Teacher Appreciation position. I love getting to do so much at both their schools. It has helped me make friends, as well as get to know the staff better too.

For our first job as Teacher Appreciation co-chairs, my friend Sheri and I organized a 'back to school' teacher luncheon for the middle school. The principal asked that it be "Game of Thrones" themed. Whoa!! We are definitely not in elementary school anymore....

Sheri and I put on our thinking caps and hit Pinterest. How in the world would we pull off a GOT (that's the cool abbreviation for "Game Of Thrones") themed luncheon on a limited budget? And to make matters worse-- I have never even seen the show!

Well luckily, Sheri is a GOT fan and together, the two of us (along with Pinterest) pulled together a really cute luncheon!

For our backdrop, we ordered these GOT bunting letters. We decided it would be funny if they said "Brace Yourselves, School is Coming".

We made a shield and added flags for each house too. (If you don't watch this show and this is all confusing, that's ok. Since throwing this luncheon, I have started watching it and I LOVE it. It's basically a medieval soap opera! Just be prepared for a ton of blood, violence, and nudity. It helps to watch it with the captions turned on because some of the accents are hard to decipher.)

We made white Weirwood trees to decorate the tables. My daughter collected sticks for me at the park and then I spray painted them white and added red leaves that I made using my Cricut.

We covered all the tables in black table cloths. The knights are borrowed from our elementary school. We catered the event with salad, fruit and wraps from Scratch Kitchen. Parents donated the chips, drinks and desserts.

It was a great luncheon- I think the teachers and staff all felt loved!

For the bunting- click HERE.
More Game of Thrones party ideas-click HERE.

Are you at GOT fan??
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