Staff Appreciation: Lego Theme

Last year for Staff Appreciation Week, our hospitality chair organized the week around a 'Super Hero' theme (you can read about it here). I think both the kids and teachers enjoyed the week and the fun theme made for better participation. So this year, I am the hospitality chair and it's my turn to plan Staff Appreciation Week. (I have to be honest, I was feeling a little self-imposed pressure. Our school staff is amazing and I wanted to make sure that I didn't let them down!) So I decided to pick a theme would be popular with the kiddos and get across the point that we all think our staff is awesome.

Which led me to The Lego Movie! If you haven't seen the movie, go rent it! Adults and kids will get a kick out of it. And it has some really funny and touching moments. The theme song for the movie is "Everything is Awesome, Everything is Cool when you're part of the Team". Those words perfectly capture exactly how the kids at our school feel about their teachers. They are all awesome, and they make our kids feel cool to be part of the team.

So with a theme decided, I began working. Our Staff Appreciation Week has several parts. First, up I collected donated gift cards from the parents to award to the staff. The gift cards will be used in a drawing every morning during that special week. I publicized the collection of gift cards in our school newsletter with this graphic.

Next, I chose different activities for each day during Staff Appreciation Week.  That way the kids could get involved with making our teachers feel extra 'awesome'. Here is the flyer that I sent home to all the kids that details 'The Plan'. (If you have seen the movie, you know all about following 'The Plan'. )

For the first day, you see that it says 'Draw your teacher as a LEGO figure'. I made this template for the kids to use on that day. The pages can be put together to make a book for the teacher or they can be hung about around the room. I think it is a thoughtful way for the kids to creatively tell their teachers how awesome they are. Making a gift is just as special as buying one.

The next several days give the kids a chance to bring their teachers something. (At the beginning of the year I had each teacher fill out a 'favorites' list. All the homeroom moms have them on file and have emailed copies to the classroom parents.) 

On Friday, it is our school's field day - as well as the last day of Staff Appreciation. So PTA purchased these cute hats for each teacher to wear. The kids can bring buttons for the teachers to pin on their hats to add a bit of flare! The buttons can be store bought or made. Here are a few of my favorite buttons that I am collecting for my daughter's teachers.

Besides "The Plan" and the daily gift card drawings, our teachers will be treated to 'off campus' lunch at Rio Mambo by the PTA. I have organized parent volunteers to cover the classrooms for about 2 hours while the teachers and staff go to lunch. The lunch is spread out over three days, so not everyone is gone at one time. This is an annual tradition that our staff loves-- off campus lunch is always a favorite!
After the week is over, I will be back to share some photos. I am really excited to spoil our staff. They really are awesome!

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