Pipe Cleaner Princesses

Play dates at our house always include two things-- jumping on the trampoline and crafting. Afton's most recent play date was planned for a Friday after school. Before she left for the day, Afton told me "Mom, don't forget to get a craft. I have a play date after school!"

But instead of buying a craft this time, I just decided to pull out a bunch of supplies and see what the girls came up with. With blogging, I have been lucky enough to receive a package of goodies from CraftProjectIdeas.com every quarter. Pipe cleaners, beads, sequins. These are staples in a 'crafter's pantry' :)

I did a quick search through my Pinterest Craft Board to see if I had any inspirational ideas that might be fun to try with the girls. And I saw these cute Pipe Cleaner Dancing Princesses by Zing Zing Tree.com.  Head over Zing Zing Tree to see her detailed tutorial for making these dolls.

-3 pipe cleaners per princess
- Napkins (I used ones left over from Maisy's Frozen Party)
- Optional: sequins, beads, straws

We made the head and arms with one pipe cleaner.  So start by bending it in half and twisting to make the head. Bend up the ends to make the arms. Then the legs with the other are made from the second pipe cleaner. Fold the pipe cleaner in half and twist to attach to the body. (After dressing the doll, we  added the third pipe cleaner to her waist as a belt. That third pipe cleaner helps to support her waist too!)

Image via Zing Zing Tree-- she has more 'step by step' photos for this tutorial.
 Once I showed the girls how to make the bodies, they did the rest. Beads became bracelets, straws cut in half were turned into knee socks. They added hair and even shoes.

I tied a thin string of elastic to each doll's head and the girls played with them like they were marionette puppets. They were so pleased that they had made their 'own dolls'.

I love when we can use things we already have to be crafty. To me, this was a "Pinterest win!".

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