A Little Pumpkin House

I'm baaaaack! After a super fun trip to New Jersey and New York with the Pure Air Blog Campaign, I am home! I got in last night at 10pm. And then today, I woke up at 5am and drove to Dallas with some friends for the Tour de Fleur 10K. This is my fourth year to do this race.

Honestly I keep coming back for a few reasons.
1. The people, races are more fun with friends. 

Post Race Photo :) 
2. The food-who doesn't like a nice cold BlueMoon with pizza after a run? 

3. And the pumpkins! The race is held at the Dallas Arboretum. And every fall, the Dallas Arboretum brings in a gazillion pumpkins. The sidewalks are lined with pumpkins, trees are decorated with pumpkins and even little houses are built out of pumpkins.

Despite being so tired, for some reason, I set a little personal record for that distance. Maybe I was delirious! :)
Are you wondering why my total distance for the 10K was only 5.1 miles?
Well, the course was mis-marked
 so the lead motorcycle cop took a wrong turn and lead the entire group of runners astray.
 We completely missed mile 3.
As you can imagine, there were some disgruntled athletes!
But what are you going to do?!
 That's right- have a BlueMoon and relax! 
I'll be back later this week with photos and details from my NY trip.
Have you ever been to the Dallas Arboretum?

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  1. And, if you are into gardens, nature or have children (or not), the Dallas Arboretum just opened their Rory Meyers Childrens Adventure Garden!!

  2. Girl...you are crazy! There is no way I could have run anywhere after that whirlwind trip. Looks like a fun time though.

    Hope you had safe travels home. It was so great meeting you.


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