Cash for Brass?

These extreme temperatures must be getting to us. Because within the last 24 hours we have ripped up tile, replaced door knobs, and painted another door black. Sounds like a relaxing weekend huh?

The whole thing started with the tile in the downstairs bathroom. It wasn't working with the rest of our decor. And it hadn't really bothered me until a few weeks ago. Then Jeff said he had always wanted to try to door flooring himself. So he went into the bathroom and whacked the tile with a sledgehammer.

 Which led to this...

Soon the toilet was in the garage and the mirror was in the garbage can.

 Now I am scouring my favorite blogs and pinterest for bathroom ideas.

Then those brass knobs suddenly seemed tooooooo yellow.

A few of our knobs were already brushed nickel.

And the inconsistency was more than I could take!  So when a friend told me about Seconds and Surplus, we decided to swing by after church.

Which led to this...

Now what to do with all the old brass knobs? I wish it was like that 'cash for gold' deal. Unless you have a great idea, I think they are bound for Goodwill.

 Some of our 'doors to the outside'- the ones that are fitted with actual keyed locks- are going to be a problem. They require a lock smith to change them out and I am not wanting to spend the money on new keys etc.

 So I am conducting a little experiment with "Rub and Buff". I have put one coat on the door knob to the attic upstairs. If it dries well, then I will repeat it on the doors downstairs. Have you ever used "Rub and Buff" on a door knob?

I think it looks pretty good- hopefully it holds up. If so, it might be a good option for ridding your home of brass knobs without having to buy and install new ones.

Finally, since it really is too hot to be outside, I found another door that needed painting. This door leads to our garage. It always has black smudges and muddy handprints on it. Painting it black seemed to be the obvious choice. Why fight the dirt?

Oh and Lori over at "Be Different, Act Normal" is away from her blog for a few days. "Be Different, Act Normal" is a fun blog that features super ideas for parties, home decor, holiday fun, and recipes. She has invited over a bunch of great 'guest bloggers' to share their favorite projects while she is away. And happily Crafty Texas Girls is featured! So stop by and take a look, you will be amazed at all the creative ideas.

Hope you are having a productive weekend. What "honey do's" are on your list? Do you tackle them alone or does your husband lend a hand?


  1. Awww girl! Wish I had found ur blog before he started that bathroom. Just finished taking up a tile floor for the 2nd dang time in my house. There is an electric jackhammer u can rent from the Home Depot for like 30 bucks a day - makes it soooooooo much faster and easier!! Still a pain in bleep tho. I took ours up by sledgehammer for 2 days until someone told me that little hint- ughhh. Still have the cool scars from flying tile tho ;)


  2. WOW your weekend has been productive! My husband and I have been pouring over paint chips in search of the perfect green! Loving the interior black door!!! I hope the RNB works- it was a fail for me. Too easy to scratch, but hopefully you can teach me something new!

  3. I love how one project quickly spins into 100...I find that happening all the time!


  4. You have him working hard! Looks good! What kind of tile are you going to do??

  5. Reminds of pulling a thread on a sweater, just a little tug and oops! So now we are looking for bathroom ideas- any good ideas?

  6. UPDATE: The "Rub and Buff" door knob has mostly scratched off. Fail!

    But since then I have painted a few door knobs black with spray paint- and they look fabulous. And none of the paint has scratched off. Win!

    :) Samantha


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:) Samantha

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