Crafty How To: Monogram Pillow

The fun continues! Upcycling and reusing everything in sight :) Remember the 'coffee bag pillow' post?

Well that coffee bag had a back side and I had a piece of black felt. Anyone else thinking monogram???
So I found another throw pillow that was not being used and I decided it was in the need of a little help.  I printed out a big letter "C" in my favorite font- American Typewriter.

Then I pinned the "C" to the black felt and cut.

Next, I pinned the "C' to the burlap.

Right smack in the middle.

Then I sewed around the "C" in white thread using a tight zig-zag stitch.

Ta-da!  A super simple monogram pillow. It reminds me of one from Pottery Barn.

 My burlap monogram pillow will live in my hubby's office. Which I am finally working on! But more about that later :)

Don't have a coffee bag to use, run up to JoAnn's and purchase some burlap. Or stay tuned, I will be giving away an awesome coffee bag soon! 


  1. OOooo...I have some left over burlap and black felt from other projects....I totally want to make some of these!
    Thanks for sharing!


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