"Fancy Up" those Push-Pins

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was full of excitement, magic, and new bikes :)

 One of my favorite gifts was from my sweet hubby. He got me a flat-screen for my craft room. So now I can enjoy the "Nate Berkus" show while I make hair bows and such.

Now on to the craft :) I made these before Christmas, as a gift. But I thought they turned out so cute, I decided to make some for me. This is how I made my push-pins pretty.

Start with the flat push pins. It's okay if they are multi-colored.

 Choose some embellishments. You can use buttons, rhinestones, or even those fancy brads designed for scrapbooking (just snap off the backs- you need them to be flat.)

 Add a drop of hot glue and voila!
 Fancy push-pins. Add them to some cork board.

Fit the cork board into a frame. A small table top cork board would be cute on a desk,  the push-pins could hold photos or memos. Or use them on a large frame for a wall-sized cork board.

Pretty fancy huh?

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  1. Great idea! I am always looking for cute pins for my corkboard and never find any!


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