My Crafty Room!

Well after a lot of hard work (mostly on Jeff's part) my craft room is done! I am so, so, happy with my new space. It is like a 'man cave' for a Crafty Girl.

In case you don't remember, here is what we started with.... yellow. In the other corner of this room was an old thrift store find- a brown wood desk. Also a small upholstered bench, covered in yellow fabric. (Can you tell I had thing for red and yellow??)

But now I am all about neutrals, whites, and pops of color. So drum roll please.........

 Lots of storage- no more plastic bags and random bins stuffed under the bed and in the closet.

Jeff built me this amazing ribbon holder and just to be extra sweet, painted it pink!

 I found these baskets at Lowe's- I was so excited that they had little chalk boards attached :)

 This was the random brown desk that I bought a few years ago from Thrift Town. Jeff painted it black and then I used 'Rub and Buff' to turn the handles an antique silver.

Instead of having a cork board, I "built"this. I used a frame we already had and then stapled chicken wire to the back. It is perfect for holding my hair accessories and new ideas.

I found the table and chair at Graceful Good Buys in Grapevine. Each one was $14. Jeff painted them white and I recovered the chair cushion.
 I love the shape of the table legs.

 The table is topped with four cork squares from Staples. They are perfect for protecting the table from hot glue and scratches. Best part is, when I am done with a project, I just pick up the square and shake off thread, fabric, and flower bits into the garbage. Easy clean-up.

This bench is usually covered with bags of clothing that are awaiting bows. Afton also likes to sit there when she in comes in and 'visits' me.

 When we bought the house, the previous owner had added this room on to use for exercise equipment. Luckily for me, he installed these beautiful tin tiles. They add so much to  the room.

The sky light provides nice natural light.

Having my own space to work is a dream come true. Thank you Jeff for all your help!

And a special 'shout-out' to my blog friend Amy. Her craft room inspired me to get going on mine. (I borrowed her chicken-wire idea!) Visit her at Playing Sublimely for beautiful decor and more.

***UPDATE: Since re-doing my craft room, I added a little spot for my sweet Afton to work alongside me. I found a fabulous old school desk at our local thrift store. With a little paint and love, it was made new again. You can read all about the school desk here.

 I really like having a little spot for my girls to join me while I craft. And honestly where else can you put a pink school desk? :)

PS- It doesn't always look that neat anymore, but isn't a messy desk a sign of a creative mind?

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  1. It looks great!! I love the baskets from Lowes. Good Job!

  2. You did NOT pay $14 for each of those tables and chairs!!! I love them! And that ceiling! You did a great job and I love that you found some inspiration in my little room :).. Kevin says to tell Jeff that he is impressed ;)!

  3. Love your craft room too! So jealous you have such a beautiful room to create things in.

  4. So cute! I am giddy you linked this up and shared! Love the ribbon holder!!


  5. I LOVE your ribbon holder!! :)

  6. A sucker for ribbon like me I see! ;) Your ribbon holder is genuis! What a sweet man you have there to help you create your crafty room! It is beautifully decorated and organized! Glad you found Roomspiration to share this gem with us! Hope to see again at Family Brings Joy. I'm definitely a new follower. I'm a little biased being I grew up in Texas as well. ;) Have a super week!

  7. You're so sweet! I will am a new follower of your blog too :)

  8. would you be so kind as to share the paint color of this room? also, is this the same color you have in much of your house? GREAT house..looks so inviting! thanks!

  9. Thanks! All paint colors for my home can be found in my 'home tour' here: http://www.craftytexasgirls.com/2011/02/paint-colors.html

    :) Samantha

  10. Great tip on lining your craft table with cork squares!

  11. I love your ribbon holder!! I am planning on building one and am wondering if you can give some tips on how your husband assembled it....thinking picture frame with dowel rods attached to the back?? Would love any hints you could give me!


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