Turquoise & Gold Tufted Bench

My bench got a make-over. It is her most glamorous one yet. I am so happy for her :)

This bench and I have been friends for a long time. In fact, we met in Fort Worth in 2003. My husband and I had just bought our first house, it was off El Campo and Montgomery. The home was a cute red, brick bungalow- complete with weepy mortar, shutters and ivy creeping up the side. Inside were real hardwoods, a black and white checkered kitchen floor, and brightly painted wood plank walls. We bought the home from an interior designer, so it was decorated beautifully and most of the furniture inside the house was included in the sale. Like this little lady, the bench.

She is actually a coffee table with a piece of foam on top and then wrapped in fabric. When we met, she had ivory legs with a red/black floral fabric covering her top. Over the years, her legs were painted brown and her fabric changed from dark brown to sunny yellow to girly stripes and then to a burlap coffee bag. The fabric changes were easy, I just kept recovering and stapling.

Our bench acted as a coffee table, sat at the end of a bed, and made a great little sitting spot in my craft room for the girls while I worked. Until last month she was living in the garage. She was nestled under a set of coat hooks, a catch-all for backpacks, bike helmets and dance bags. On Christmas Eve, I pulled her inside to use for our "Tacky Sweater" photo booth (see it HERE). And after that, she was invited to stay indoors permanently.

But now she needed another new look. Her rustic style just wasn't fitting in with the wing back chairs and chandelier in our sitting nook.

So with the help of Maisy, I pulled off 5 layers of fabric, a million staples and about 150 nail heads. I forgot how hard 'reupholstery' really is! (See my first experience with upholstery HERE). Then we painted, and painted. Gold of course.

Next some bright blue fabric wrapped tightly over the top. And then came the nail head trim, you can find furniture tacks like these at Lowes. They are kind of tedious to put in, but so worth it.

I added tufting too. I used the same fabric to create my own covered buttons. Then after some measuring, I drilled holes in the the bottom and using an upholstery needle, pulled the buttons taut.

Under the bench you can see how I pulled the thread and secured it with a screw next to each button hole.

Most of our home is neutral, this bright blue bench is just what it needed-- a pop of color! And I think this gal is quite proud of her new look. Who wouldn't want to have their legs painted gold?! :)

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