What Color Is Your Couch?

After 7 years, I think I am ready for a new family room couch.
Our couch has worn very well, but it has a few cushions that look sunken and 'well loved'. And there is a corner (that I hope you never, ever see) where my puppy chewed the upholstery. Our couch is a large brown micro suede sectional. It has been a great couch.

Photo and couch via Neiman Marcus
However as time as passed and it has aged, I am ready for a new look!  I looked through all my pins on Pinterest and saw that I really love the look of a white couch, and a brown leather couch, and a velvet couch... and I just really love any couch with pretty pillows in beautiful home. So I set up an 'informal' survey on facebook. (If you aren't following Crafty Texas Girls on facebook, click HERE) I posed the question, "What color is your couch?" And you it sparked A LOT of interest. So almost 100 comments later, I compiled the information and here is what I found out...

First off, there are a lot of names for similar colors 
So I grouped the colors into common names. Red, Beige, Blue, Green, Gray, Brown, White/Cream, Plum, and Orange. If you liked the color of your couch, you called it something nice and pretty like Chocolate or Linen. If you didn't like the color of your couch, you called it things like 'dirt brown' or 'brown with goldfish'. Lol.

The most popular color for a couch is.... 
Brown!  Followed next by White/Cream, then Beige, and finally Gray. Tied at the bottom were Blue and Green. And one person had a Plum Leather couch and another had a vintage Orange couch.

Is the grass always greener? 
Are you among those dreaming of a light color couch? Some people explained what color they would rather have-- white or pink were popular answers. People with White couches did mention that keeping them clean was an issue. However removable slip covers seemed to help.

No money for a new couch right now? 
Try sprucing up what you have with new pillows, a fun throw blanket or even a fresh rug. Low investment accessories can change the feel of your couch without hurting your wallet.

What about Me? 
Armed with the information from my informal Facebook poll, we went shopping for a new couch last weekend. I am still a fan of brown, which is the color I currently own. But I would like a little more structure and design details. I am also wanting something besides micro suede. Leather is high on my list, but it also costs more. If I go with leather, I might choose a single couch instead of a sectional, to keep the cost down. I could pair the couch with chairs or a love seat- that coordinate but don't necessarily match.

We went to The Dump in Dallas and I spotted this beauty from Restoration Hardware-- but my husband reminded me that we spend a lot of time in our family room and we have 2 kids and we have 2 dogs. And this couch would probably never, eve stay clean. #truth.

Then we found this simple/modern leather couch. It was on major discount due to a broken leg in the back. Jeff is super handy and could easily fix it. But we weren't sold.

So the search for the couch continues...
By the way, what color is your couch?

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