"Let Your Light Shine"- 10 Truths from 2013

Happy New Year! 

I hope you rang in 2014 with someone you loved. We had fun celebrating at home, reminiscing about the past and planning for the future. 2013 was interesting and challenging for me. I launched my clothing line, continued to grow my hair accessory line at Market and on Etsy.  I blogged a lot, I ran, and I tried to be the best mom, wife, sister, friend that I could. 

Now that it is all said and done, I learned a lot. Not enough to say that I am going to do 2014 perfectly. Because, there is no such thing as perfect. But I do feel a tiny bit wiser-- and that counts for something. So here is what I am taking away from 2013.

1. Rest is important. No one likes crazy. 
(Snuggling on the couch with my kids is important.)

2. Running is the best and cheapest therapy. 
(I've never regretted going on a run. Things always looks better when I get home.)

3. Perfect doesn't exist.
 (I am not fully convinced of this one yet. But if I keep saying it, then maybe it will I start to believe it!)

4. There is a difference between giving up and knowing when you have had enough. 
(My clothing line is not happening. I simply could not sell large enough quantities to be able to manufacture my apparel line in the US and make any money. This was painful and sad for me.)

5. Living in the 'Land of Preschool' is pretty delightful. Four is a great age.
(I feel like I am in alternate universe when I step in the imaginary world that is preschool.)

6. Seeing your child experience the thrill of 'hard work paying off' is amazing. Seven is also a great age.
(That look on her face at gymnastics was priceless.)

7. Sometimes blogging is frustrating and I hate it. 
(Imagine making something cool, writing a great post and then .... nothing happens. Welcome to blogging.)

8. My husband is the most patient and forgiving person I know. 
(He knows crazy well and he still loves her.)

9. A puppy can cure you of being too much of a 'neat freak'. 
(Chewed furniture, accidents on the rug. That cute furry face helps you get over it.)

10. God is in control. 
(This is not new information. But we all need reminding.)

So I am going into 2014 with this attitude.

I even made a printable for you and me. Frame it, read it, do it.

To print: Drag and drop on your desktop, double-click to open and then print/frame.
 I have both a 5x7 and 8x10 size for you. Love it? Pin it! 
Drag and print this 8x10-created by craftytexasgirls.com for personal use only
Drag and print this 5x7- created by craftytexasgirls.com for personal use only
Hello 2014- I am ready for you. 

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