Back in the Craft Room

Since I haven't been using the craft room (here) for my business, I opened it up to the girls. It had been a few weeks since I even went in there.

I still haven't quite decided what to do with all my 'stuff'. I have a small amount of inventory (samples from Market) and lots of supplies left. The ribbon can be used for random crafts. And the un-cut fabric will always come in handy. But I have satin and tulle, already cut specifically to pattern for my headbands. I can't bring myself to sell it or throw it away (gasp!). So for now, it will just sit in the drawers. I don't think I am ready to let it go-- just yet (see here).

So my girls were in the mood to craft. They have always been 'allowed in' of course, but now that I don't have orders (paper work, supplies and lots of fabric) spread out all over-- it's a lot more fun for them. No more 'be careful not to touch that' or 'please don't move that'. Instead I cleared the table and said 'what do you want to make?'.

That afternoon just happened to be the day that 'Happy Mail' arrived from CraftProjectIdeas.com. ('Happy Mail' is blogger talk-- it means a vendor sends you a sample of fun products to try out.) And the timing was great because Afton had a friend over for a playdate. It was the perfect opportunity to try out some new crafting goodies. Pipe cleaners, glitter foam stickers, paints, fuzzy poms, wiggly eyes and lots of pretty glitter. CraftProjectIdeas.com is fast becoming our favorite crafty supplier-- you can purchase their products at Walmart and find lots of ideas on their website (here).

So, the girls worked on Valentines. They made them for family, friends, and our neighbors. Then they talked me into making them each a hair bow. (They didn't really have to twist my arm that hard!)  It was fun. They were sweet, crafty, and so happy to be doing something creative.

This would have been my childhood dream. Fresh supplies, a room dedicated to crafts, and a good friend. It was a fun afternoon for all of us.

Disclosure: The craft supplies were given free by CraftProjectIdeas.com- all photos and opinions are my own. 

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