My Temporary Job

I have been getting a lot of questions lately... "What are you going to do now?"
Since I closed down my business {HERE}, there has been some curiousity about what I am doing.

Not because I am super-famous-important or anything. But because I share so much on this blog and somewhere along the way, we have made a connection. We shared a story. And it warms my heart that you care enough to wonder about my journey and where it is going next. So, do I have a plan?  Nope. Am I opening a new business? Nope. Do I know what I am going to do? Nope.

My daughter Afton is pretty concerned about the whole thing :) When I told her I wasn't going to be making hair accessories anymore, she was worried. "Wait-you won't have a job?!! What will you DO?"

I explained that thankfully, Dad has a good job, so financially we will be ok. (I was kind of flattered that she thought my handmade business was actually bringing in enough money to support our family.)

She nodded that she understood we weren't going to loose our house or anything. But I could see she wasn't fully convinced that it would be ok for me to just do 'mom stuff'.

In our world of busy, busy, busy-- not 'doing something' is kind of strange. What should I do with my free time? Volunteer, work out, blog, cook, clean, or find a new hobby. Maybe I will do nothing-- maybe I will just have a year of asking questions. Maybe I will just enjoy a little more space in my life. Maybe I need room for being still. Maybe I need room to take notice of the little things. Maybe I need room for Joy.

This month, some of that room is being filled with cookies. I have found a 'temporary job' of sorts.

I am selling Girl Scout cookies. If you have a daughter, you understand when I say that "I" am selling cookies. When a child takes on an activity, it is common knowledge that 'the mom' does too. This month, I am selling Girl Scout cookies.

Seriously, I am working it! I have sold 80 boxes via friends/family on Facebook, 14 at the gym, a few boxes while I was out to dinner, and even 1 box at my MOPS meeting. I have no shame when it comes to helping my girl earn her Girl Scout patches.

Of course Afton has done her share of selling too! She worked a booth at Tom Thumb and hit the streets with a wagon full of cookies for some 'good old fashioned' door-to-door sales.

Which reminds me, if a polite little 7 year old can summon up the courage to knock on your door and pitch a sale, do the right thing. We're talking about $4. Now most people are super sweet. But... there was one woman who looked my baby straight in the eye and say "It's a bad time of year to be selling fattening things."

Which leads me to believe, we all need to make more room for Joy. And this month, let's fill that room with Girl Scout cookies-- even if they are fattening. In fact, I think that could be a new Girl Scout patch. The "JOY" patch. And I intend to earn that one!  

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