My Week {In Photos}

I probably take too many pictures, 
but there are worse habits right? :) 
The ease of my iphone camera coupled with Instagram make it so easy- how could I resist?! 

Sunday-"Sharpie Swim Suits" 
The end of 'Barbie Skinny Dipping' in our hot tub. Draw a suit on every doll-- especially Ken!

Monday- "The Day the Table Fell" 
A little accent table fell on her hand- broke a finger and split another finger open. We both cried a lot.

Tuesday- "Running for Boston"
Praying, praying, praying and wearing a race shirt to show support.

Wednesday- "Finished Pallet Art" 
Details and a pretty post coming soon:)

Thursday- "Big Prayers for a Little Town" 
A massive fertilizer plant explosion took the lives of many and destroyed homes and businesses in West.

Friday "Earth Day Hat" 
We made this out of newspaper, click here to make one too. 

Saturday "The Little Chevron Chair" 
More details about this chair I made for CASA coming soon too!

Yes I do take a picture (usually more!) everyday. Some are really interesting, some probably are not :) Are you a photo-junkie too? You can find me on Instagram @craftytexasgirl.

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