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I hope you all had a Happy Easter. I was a little slow on the 'bunny' preparations this year, so I ended up at Target on Saturday night. Let me tell you, if you find yourself at Target on the night before Easter, be flexible. All the plastic eggs were gone, there were no stuffed bunnies to be found, and I scored the very last bag of whopper eggs by rummaging in the 'return basket'. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do right?!

Easter was a day filled with rejoicing at church, having fun with family, and eating waaaaay to much candy.
We dyed about 3 dozen eggs in under 30 minutes. Two 3 year olds and one 7 year old-- gotta move fast! 

The girls drew on the eggs with crayons before dipping.
We used a large wisk to hold the eggs as we dipped them in the color cups. 
After Church picture of me and my girls :) 
This is my very favorite "egg hunt" photo this year.

I was kind of delighted to see my girls in my clothing together. This was the first time they have worn outfits from my spring collection.

I am working on adding more to my Etsy shop. I have some new headband photography that needs to be included. And I would like to offer more clothing options, in sizes 2-10, at good prices directly to you. The list goes on and on. (One thing at a time though right?!) Until then, I will keep you updated here and via the "Samantha Conner Designs" facebook page.

I do have a few Spring/Summer samples left. On most listings, I am selling the entire outfit as a SET, so that you get the best price. 
Buy It Here: Shirt and Skirt for $40
Buy it Here: $40 for both the top and the capris

Buy it Here: $40 for both Shirt and Capris

Buy it Here: Both Shirt and Capris $40

Buy it Here: Both Shirt and Capris for $40
Buy it Here: Tunic Top $30
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  1. The girls looked beautiful and your sets are ADORABLE!!! The hunt picture is so cute! Looks like you all had a great Easter!

  2. Afton and Maisy are so adorable! Your outfits are beautiful and the fit for each of the girls was spot on! Also quality plus-they wore them all day, played, crawled, hopped and jumped and their outfits stayed looking fresh!!
    It was a great day!


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:) Samantha

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