Halloween Traditions

Every year my girls anxiously watch the farm down the road. It is the Hall’s Pumpkin Farm and with it brings the promise of fall, Halloween and fun.

Late in August, just about the time the school year begins, the farmers prep the field and plant the seeds. The hot sun shines down on the dirt and large cascades of water spray from the sprinklers in the evenings. Before long, tiny green sprouts shoot up from the dark soil- and that is when the anticipation begins.

Every inch of growth is a sign that Halloween is getting closer. Large ‘measuring sticks’ are staked into the ground to show the height of the corn. Once it reaches up to 8 feet, it is nearly October and the gates of the farm are opened to the public.

We have taken the girls every year. Maisy was born on October 7th, so her first trip to the pumpkin patch was when she was only one week old. 
Last year, we even had her birthday party there- complete with a hayride and pumpkin party favors.

 The girls love dragging the wagons around the colorful groups of pumpkins. They take turns picking up pumpkins- guessing which one is the heaviest.

The corn has been carefully manicured into a maze. I have been through the maze every year. And every year I depend on my daughter to show me the way out. At night, the kids love to run through the dark maze with flashlights and glow sticks. The cool autumn air and dark sky add a mysterious backdrop to the corn.

After  we have selected our pumpkins, we take a few moments to snap photos. There are lots of ‘photos ops’ including a house made of hay and vintage tractors.

Finally it is off to the playground. A large wooden playground with two big slides is a favorite among the little ones. A short walk up the hill leads to a group of farm animals. And then we swing by the snack shack for caramel popcorn.

In the end, we always buy more pumpkins then we planned. I love having a little slice of farm-life nestled among our busy city. I love seeing my girls kick up the dirt as they run through the corn field. Mostly I love that we can watch the workings of a farm and celebrate the miracle of a simple seed growing. It is our tradition. One that I hope will always continue.

What are your favorite Halloween traditions?

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  1. Oh Samantha, this post makes me smile and remember all those good old days. I loved those ages and your girls are so adorable. There's nothing better than seeing Halloween through the excited eyes of our kids.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  2. Looks like they had a lot of fun. Your girls are adorable. Such colorful pics, thanks for sharing.

  3. What fun traditions! Happy Halloween! :)


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