Crafty How To: Embellished Party Circles

The Party Continues
Our house is still buzzing from our Ballet birthday party. Maisy and Afton both are twirling and re-enacting their dance lesson from Miss Rachel. Thank you to everyone that left sweet comments and emailed me about the party! One of the most asked questions about the party was about the circles I used as cupcake toppers.

Embellished Party Circles
The party circles from Brizee's Boutique were the perfect addition to our celebration. I 'fancied' them up a bit with some crepe paper. Want to make a few of your own? Keep reading!

1. Gather supplies needed to make your own Embellished Party Circles.
 (-Crepe paper -Party Circles -Scissors -Hot Glue -Punch)
2. I left my crepe paper on the roll because I wasn't sure exactly how much I would need. The amount of crepe paper depends on the size of your party circle and how large you make your accordion folds.
3. On the back of one circle, make a swirl of hot glue in the middle.
4. Press down the end of the crepe paper and work your way around the circle, folding the paper like an accordion.
5. Add more glue as needed and try to keep your folds even in size.
6. When you reach the end (where you started) cut off the crepe paper.
7. Check to see if your crepe paper is even all the way around. You want it to be nice and round.
8. Trim off any extra crepe paper as needed.
9. Glue the other party circle to the back.

You can use Embellished Party Circles to top cupcakes or sandwiches. You could string them on ribbon or twine as party garland, use them to personalize a wand or even a party hat (click here for the hat tutorial!). They would also be cute on favor bags.

What is your favorite way to personalize a party? 

 See our Ballet Party here.
 And find inspiration for you own Ballet party here

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  1. Samantha, the party looks adorable and I really liked the step by step visual tutorial you provided. I'll have to remember how easy that is for the reader. Thanks for sharing.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  2. I'm adding this to MY Afton's birthday party pin board. She loves anything with ruffles!!

  3. What a cute party! Oh and I am a new follower and a lucky one,'cause I am follower #1000. How cool is that? Definitely staying and looking around your cute blog.


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