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With school just around the corner, there is so much to do. New clothes to buy, lists of supplies to purchase, and new routines to get used to. My "Back to School" board on Pinterest is full of cute crafts to make for teachers and creative lunches to pack. We spent a good hour at Old Navy picking out the 'perfect' first day of school outfit.

And my dear Afton must have tried on about 12 different backpacks before deciding on the right one. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

I have been running around town, buying, shopping and planning with the desire to make sure my child feels prepared. I want her to walk into school feeling confident, happy and ready for success. Maybe I can't go to school with her, but I desperately want to give her all the 'right' tools.

But looking at our pile of shopping bags, I felt like something is off.  No matter how sparkly the shoes or how cute the clothes, I felt that there was something missing. So much effort put towards being prepared-- and then today I realized I was missing the big picture.

What does my child really need to succeed? What tools can I send her with that will help her when I am not by her side. When she is out in the big world, what can I possibly buy her that will help her make the right choices. When she is faced with a problem, will she know what to do?

And then it dawned on me, Target doesn't sell anything like that.

What my child, and your child, needs to succeed this year is simple. They need to know that they are loved. They need to know that they are unconditionally loved-by Him and you. Whether they choose right or wrong. Whether they make the perfect grades or shine on the field, they need to know He is behind them, that you are behind them. Let you child know that their identity is not defined by what they achieve. When they are faced with a difficult decision or their feelings are hurt, they need to know that when they come home, He will will always have their back, you will always have their back.

So this year, after all the supplies are bought and the clothes are chosen, after you have browsed Pinterest for hours to find that perfect 'first day of school' lunch, give your child the only thing that will really make a difference.

Give them love. Let them know that you care.  Armed with this unconditional support, your child will fly higher than you could ever imagine and that love will radiate to everyone they meet.

Click Here to Print

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Feel free to print, frame, or share these. A visual reminder of the most important tool your child needs to succeed--Love. The perfect 'Back to School' gift for little ones and those who are college bound too. (Click on link below the image to print.)

It's going to be a great year! 

Are you ready for "Back to School"?

Inspiration for this post came from a sermon by Dr. John McKellar from Whites Chapel UMC. To learn more about Whites Chapel or hear sermons by Dr. McKellar, visit www.whiteschapelumc.com

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  1. Great thoughts and I fully agree. Love and support go a lot further than new shoes and pointy pencils. I like to pray for my kiddos before dropping them off to remind them that mommy and God loves them.

  2. Such a beautiful post, you hit home with the love from our Heavenly Father, Mom, Dad and the true comfort of "home,"

  3. Amen! I love this! Thank you so much for sharing, true words. :)

  4. Oh my god, this is so cute !
    there are two incredibly beautiful babies !
    much love from Morocco !

  5. Love it! Thank you! :) You have a beautiful family


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