Crafty How-To: Cereal Specimen Chart

Guest Blogger
I am thrilled to welcome a guest blogger today-- my sweet friend Sara! You will LOVE the tutorial she is going to share with us! :)

 Sara and I have been friends since we met at our daughter's gymnastics class over 3 years ago.  Over that time, she and I have done a lot  together- everything from running to being soccer moms on the sidelines, church events and lots of Girls Nights Out. Not to mention she is probably my best headband customer!

 Sara also happens to be a crafty girl too! Last Christmas, she made a fantastic handmade gift for a few family members- a "Cereal Specimen Chart". I gushed over her work and begged her to share the tutorial with me. And then on my birthday, she surprised me with my own "Cereal Specimen Chart".

Today, Sara joins us to show you just how to make your own "Cereal Specimen Chart", which is quite possibly the cutest kitchen art ever!

Now onto the craft...

DIY Cereal Specimen Chart

I found my original cereal picture at Z Gallerie over 15 years ago and loved it so much, though never found it again so I decided to create one myself.

You will need 12 different kinds of cereal, preferably brands that have been around more than 5 years.
Mod Podge
Small Paint Brush
Paper Plate
Wax Paper

Choose your cereal pieces, choose ones with good shape, color, different colors, so your picture has some diversity.

Cover cereal pieces with Mod Podge, painting it on with a paint brush and place on wax paper to dry over night.

Make your cereal page on the computer with the name of the cereal, company that makes it and the year it came to market...or any combination of information that you prefer.
To print the chart I used, click below to download it for free. 

Cereal Centered

Print on a cream colored card stock.  Choose a frame that has a space between the glass and the back of the frame to allow space for the cereal, the one I chose from Hobby Lobby has a ledge that the paper rests nicely on.

Hot glue the cereal pieces to your page and you are finished!


Thank you Sara for sharing your craft with us today. I think the "Cereal Specimen Chart" would be a great housewarming or wedding gift. Or it might inspire you to think of another collection to display- candy, pasta, buttons, fabric, jewelry, stamps... 

What is the best handmade gift you have ever received?   

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  1. What a great idea! At first I thought it was used to identify pieces of cereal on the floor. :)

    I like the idea of making a similar chart for pasta shapes, but maybe a darker background would work better.

  2. This is by far the cutest specimen art I have seen, thanks for sharing such a cute idea! Visiting from Serenity Now

  3. What a fun fun idea! Sure would make me smile every time I saw it!

  4. This is super cute! I have a friend who is a cereal junkie and would absolutely love this. Thanks for sharing, and thanks to your friend Sara for the idea.

  5. Such a cute idea! As a geeky scientiest and lover of cereal, this is totally my kind of idea.
    Thanks for sharing!


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