Dream House

I love my house, I mean I really love my home. But do you ever pass by a house and wonder what it would be like to live there? Like most of you, I pretty much drive the same path everyday.  And driving along the same roads day in and day out, I noticed this home.

A large, traditional brick home. Something about the structure or the way that it sits on the property, something about it caught my eye. I liked the large windows and the sturdy lines.

And so as I would pass by it, often 4 times a day, I found myself daydreaming about the rooms inside. Was there thick crown molding or rich wood floors? Did the foyer open up into a large staircase with a glittering chandelier. Crazy I know, but sometimes driving back and forth to church, dance, gymnastics, and the store... my mind tends to wander.

Then one day I passed by and saw a 'for sale sign'. Automatically I screeched to a halt and scribbled down the address, anxious to look up the property online at home.

Well one thing led to another and before I knew it, I was walking through the front door of my 'dream house' with the realtor.

Turns out the house had a quite story. From my understanding, the 6,000 plus square foot home was under foreclosure. And before the owner lost his home to the bank, he decided to take it apart, piece by piece. So although the beautiful framework of the home still stood, the details had been removed. And when I say "details" I mean- every cabinet, appliance, shred of carpet, and light fixture. He had also let a leak turn into horrible wood rot. This home was a diamond in the rough.

But I saw beyond that. I saw the grand stair case, the still-in-tact marble floors, and the large rooms. It was 3 stories, 6 bathrooms, fireplaces, and a giant backyard. The first floor was all about the family. Al sprawling den, an open kitchen, two staircases, a huge butler's pantry, an office, plus formal and dining and living rooms. The second floor housed the bedrooms. The master bedroom included a sitting area, wet bar, fireplace, and its own walk-out patio. The third floor had space for a playroom, sewing room, family study, media room and more.

I loved the details and unique features of the home. It was built in the late 80's but had the styling of a period home. The main office had beautiful wood built-ins, the family room was floor to ceiling windows and the picture frame molding and high ceilings were amazing. To me it was a blank canvas- the ultimate 'crafty how to' for a girl that likes projects. It was something that couldn't be found in just any neighborhood on just any street. It was a one-of-a-kind and it was waaaay under-priced.

I sped home and tried to sell my husband on my new find. It would be a house we could gut and re-design, it was a foreclosure so the price was cheap!!, and it would give us a lifetime of fun DIY projects. It was the kind of home that we would always live in. The property was spacious, filled with trees. We could honestly take years adding our own touches and creating the place of our dreams.

So he did indulge me. He even made a few calls about rehab loans, contractor quotes, and such. But when we really looked at it-- my dream didn't match up to the reality. My gorgeous brick home (which I planned on painting white and adding black wood shutters) actually had a rotting pier and beam foundation, a basement full of water, a crumbling retaining wall, all over wood rot, destroyed windows, old A/C units.... and the list went on and on. The final nail in the coffin was that even though we could buy the house for a dirt cheap price, once improvements were made, the cost of the repairs and the taxes on the home would be astronomical.
Sigh. Reality bites.


I know, I know. Cleaning, heating and cooling, even furnishing a 6,000 square foot house would be insane. But for me, there is just something about that house.

This week the 'for sale' sign came down and contractors have been there everyday. Even though my name isn't on the deed now, I intend to keep an eye on it. Maybe I can make friends with the new owners :)

Do you have a dream home? 
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