Let the Good Times Roll: Mardi Gras

We lived in New Orleans for almost 4 years. In fact, that is where my Afton was born. New Orleans is really like no place else. The food, the land, the parties, the people- all extraordinary. My husband, who is a Virginian by birth, fell in love with the culture. He can now be seen wearing his Saints and LSU gear so often, people often think he is a native Louisianan :)

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So every year, when crawfish come into season and king cakes appear in the stores, he gets the "Mardi Gras itch". Last Sunday he even cooked a big pot of chicken gumbo. He likes to take his time and make his own roux, but if you are looking for a simple version of this recipe, click here.

I have to admit Mardi Gras is a fabulous time of year. Everyone decorates their front porches, gets together for cook-outs, and of course attends a few parades.

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 Last year we drove to Shreveport to celebrate the season with a few of Jeff's co-workers. This year we will undoubedly do the same- especially because my sister now lives there. If you are from south Louisiana, then you know that the Shreveport version is a bit tamer than the New Orleans scene. But it is family friendly and a lot of fun. If you live within driving distance, check out the parade schedule here. Everyone needs to experience Mardi Gras at least one time!

 And in honor of the season, I will be offering a few Mardi Gras headbands. Purple, green, yellow, with lots of sparkle and feathers. Mardi Gras is the perfect excuse to go 'over the top' with accessories.

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Click here to buy.

Have you ever been to a Mardi Gras parade?

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