Crafty How To: Lovely Fabric Flowers

I always tell my daughters, “It is such a fun time to be a girl!’  Just take a look at current fashion and home decor trends- all designers are showing feminine ruffles, over the top sequins, and fabulous flower embellishments on just about everything. These beautiful, romantic touches can be added to simple items to give even the least expensive items that ‘luxe’ feel.

My current favorite embellishment is the fabric flower- easy to make and even easier to personalize. And even if you aren’t the ‘flower wearing’ kind of girl, you will find a way to incorporate this pop of color somewhere in your life. Fabric flowers are just constructed from bits of fabric, but look at how these little details can make a huge impact with their texture and color.

Photos found here: http://pinterest.com/craftytexasgirl/craft-it/.
Add a fabric flower to a pillow or lampshade.  Store-bought home décor items can be transformed into custom pieces with a handmade flower. Or create an “Anthropologie-inspired” look with vintage flowers. Flowered bracelets, necklaces, hair clips, headbands and brooches are easy ways to dress up a t-shirt and jeans. Finally dress up a gift with a simple, but special fabric flower. Backpacks, bookmarks, hats, even tote bags- they are all made better with a handmade accessory.

To make your own fabric flowers, you will need just a few items. Gather together:

-about ¼ yard of your favorite fabric
-fabric scissors
-hot glue
-a circle to use as template (The lid of a jar, a spool of ribbon, a glass etc.)
-fun embellishments (buttons, rhinestones, jewelry)
-brooch pin or alligator clip 
-hot glue

Before you begin, here are a few things to consider.
- When choosing your circle template, remember the bigger the circles, the bigger the flower.  To add interest, create larger circles for the bottom layer and then smaller circles for the top layer.
-Bold colors and patterns make great accents. 
- Alternately, neutrals can add be just as beautiful as they add texture.
-Knit and cotton fabrics make for romantic, soft flowers.  While felt, upholstery fabric, and printed duck cloth create sturdy, firm flowers. 
-For a 'messy/vintage' flower, try scrunching or pinching the fabric as opposed to carefully folding it.
-I think it's also cute to make several small flowers and cluster them together on a brooch. 

Step 1: Cut a circle out of felt to serve as your base. (If your felt color does not coordinate with your fabric color, cover the felt with a circle of the fabric so it won’t show through!)

Step 2: Using your choice of circle template, cut out 6-12 circles of fabric. The more fabric circles you use, the fuller the flower.

Inspiration for this project from here and here.
Step 3: Fold the circles in half and then in half again. Then glue each one closed and into place on top of the felt base. For a ‘messy’ look, pinch the circles closed instead of folding them. For an even ‘shabbier’ look -rub the edge of the fabric with your hand to fray it a bit.

Step 4: Choose a coordinating fabric and cut out 6-12 more circles of fabric. Fold and glue them down in the same fashion.

Step 5: You can fill in the center with more fabric circles. Or add a little shine with a button, rhinestone or bit of jewelry. Feeling really crafty? Use a button kit- found with the notions in any sewing department- and make your own button!

Step 6: Finish the back with a hair clip or brooch clip. You can even attach both so it can work as hair accessory and brooch.

These fabric flowers are a great project for the kids to help with too. Hunt for circles around your home to use as templates. Let them help trace and cut. Older kids can use the hot glue gun and actually create their own fabric flowers to give as sweet gifts to friends, teachers and family. And with Valentine's coming up- wouldn't these be a great way to give flowers to loved ones?!

Get creative and remember-fashion and décor are all about being bold and taking risks. So don’t be afraid to accessorize!

 What is your favorite home or style accessory?

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  1. Love these flowers! Have you seen the rick rack flowers on Pinterest? They are so cute!

  2. Adorable flowers and thanks for the tutorial. I'm a new follower and looking forward to getting to know you.

  3. I have seen those rick rack flowers, they might have to be my next project!

    Anita- so glad to have a new blog friend!

  4. Hey, these are like the ones I just posted a pic of today. :) I like that you added it to the monogrammed pillow...so cute! I didn't use a tutorial, I had one from The Pleated Poppy and kinda copied it (probably not perfect though). I want to learn some other styles.

  5. There are so many variations on the fabric flowers. I have about 20 different kinds pinned!
    :) Samantha


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