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On any given evening, I like to spend a few (or sometimes many, many) minutes browsing Pinterest. What did we all do before Pinterest?! Cooking, clothing, design, decor, crafts and more. It seems anything and everything can be found there. And it has done wonders for bloggers, helping us to share our projects and connect with new readers. If I could, I would send Pinterest a big Valentine this year, because I really do love it!

So one night while looking around Pinterest, happily clicking 'see more pins'-- I came across this adorable printable.

The first thing I thought when I saw this image was that it would make the perfect Valentine for Afton's teacher. (Who like many Texans, starts each day with trip to Sonic!)  I clicked on the image and was taken to Sweet Blessings, where I found about twenty different versions of  this printable. So whether you are at home, in a classroom, or even in an office-- there is a printable for you!

I simply chose one, printed it, and then put it in a cute red frame from Hobby Lobby. I am going to pair it with a gift card to Sonic. Afton's kindergarten teacher has been amazing, going above and beyond in every situation. I hope this little treat will let her know how much she is appreciated-- and that it puts a smile on her face too!

Which sign would go best in your home? Are you a Sonic fan? A Starbucks junkie? Or a chocolate lover?

Thanks to Sweet Blessings for making and sharing these printables. Stop by her blog to print yours. Maybe she can make me a sign that says "This Blog Runs on Love, Laughter, and Lots of Diet Coke"!

UPDATE: Shannon was sweet enough to actually make me a sign-- here it is. I plan on framing it and putting it in my craft room. :) I love new blog friends!!! 

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  1. I would love to make you a sign! What colors do you want it?

  2. Oh Shannon you are so sweet! I would love the grey background with yellow and white lettering. I am so excited!!!!
    :) Samantha

  3. Me too! I love chocolate and diet coke :)

  4. Here you go sweet Samantha! http://www.scribd.com/doc/78818672/This-Blog-Diet-Coke

  5. Thanks Shannon! I will update this post with my new sign. You are the best!!!
    :) Samantha


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:) Samantha

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