Pumpkin Door Decoration

Great artists work with oil paints, water colors, or pastels. My favorite medium... 'butcher paper'.

I spent a few hours at my daughter's school this week working in 'butcher paper'. I lucked out and found a few other women who support my passion for crafting in colored paper. They have helped me carry out all my crazy paper-based ideas :)

First up, the 3rd Grade Harvest Program called for some easy/free stage decor. Butcher paper to the rescue.

I made the pumpkins by creating 'pillows' from butcher paper. I folder the paper in half, cut the pumpkin shape, then painted on some polka dots. After the paint dried, I stapled the edges shut with the exception of the top. Then I stuffed the pumpkins with newspaper and all the paper from our recycling bin :) I closed the tops with a few more staples. A stem and a leafy vine finished the look. And those trees? Just crumpled brown butcher paper and staples. The sign was the same... paper, paint and hang!

Next, we brought a festive feel to the 3rd Grade Hall with these pumpkin doors. Pretty easy to do... just cover the door with orange paper and add a funny face. I made each face different. The best part was seeing the kids reactions the giant pumpkin doors:)

 What is your art 'medium' of choice? Hot glue? Fabric? Paint? If you get a chance, give butcher paper a try! 

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