5 "Frozen" Party Tips (For Moms who are Ready to "Let It Go")

I have finally learned to "Let It Go". The song that little girls sing with glee has become my new motto for being a mom. If you have been following this blog for long, you know I like throwing parties for my girls. And while that hasn't changed, my new "Let It Go" attitude has changed the way I host parties. Below are 5 Tips  I learned while  throwing a "Frozen Birthday Party" for my daughter. Because birthday parties are supposed to be FUN!

1. The party doesn't have to be at your house. WOW! Why didn't I do this before? When you host a party at your house, you have to clean twice. Once before the party and then once after the party. But when you host a party somewhere else (we did ours at "Paradise Pond") cleaning up is not even on your 'to do' list! Which gives you more time to enjoy the party and the guests.

2. Decor is simple. I love, love, love decorating. But Pinterest has kind of ruined it for us 'regular' folks. I bought vinyl table cloths for the tables. Then I used coordinating scrapbook paper to make 'place mats'. Polka dot napkins, solid pink cups, striped paper straws, and Frozen plates were used too. I took advantage of Hobby Lobby's Christmas sale to buy 'Frozen' trees, snowflake stickers, and a snowman too!

3. The cake is for eating. Yep. A cute cake is important, but it should taste good and not cost as much as a wedding cake :) Also, stressing over baking a cake is not fun. There are so many great bakeries that create yummy, affordable cakes. Find one near you!

4. Parties are for kids. So let them do what they really want to do...  run around and have fun! (Oh and it's ok for the adults to have fun too! I went down that giant slide at least 3 times!)

5. Opening presents at the party is worth the craziness. Watching a child give a present to a friend is pretty much the cutest thing ever. The 'giver' is so proud and the 'getter' is so grateful. It's a great way to practice manners and feel the joy of giving.

So what about you? Have you "Let It Go" in any area of your life?  If not, give it a try! You might be surprised at how good it feels :)

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