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While I am taking blogging a bit 'slower' this summer, I am spending more time with my girls and any 'spare time' working on my business. Besides filling orders, I am focusing on networking and growing my brand. Do you have a small business or are you hoping to turn your blog into a business? Then we are in the same boat!

If you have been following along on Crafty Texas Girls for awhile, you know all about my small apparel and accessory business, Samantha Conner Designs. This summer, I am working on finding new ways to sell my products and spending some time learning how to better promote them!

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After a year and a half at the Dallas Market, I am looking for new ways to reach customers, beyond just my sales rep. My hair accessories have been very successful at Market. But the clothing has been more of a challenge. I cannot seem to find a way to be competitive in my wholesale pricing when it comes to the apparel. Large manufacturers, who produce large quantities over-seas, definitely have the upper-hand in costing!

And since my business is just me and it is sewn locally here in Dallas :) I have found I can bring (you) my customers the best prices when I sell the apparel directly as opposed to wholesale at Market. For that reason, I am taking my clothing line out of the showroom for awhile and I am going to try selling it on my own. I am going to focus my sales efforts on social media and at hand-made markets over the next few months.
My mom at the Grapevine Market with me :) 
 I am also working with The Fashion Business Mentor, to grow my facebook presence. Meeting other designers and small business owners this past February at BlissDom  and now through TFBM has been so much fun. (**Want more details about my journey from handmade to wholesale? Check out my featured interview over at The Fashion Business Mentor by clicking here!

I love being able to share stories of success and 'lessons learned' from others who are on the same path. I think it is important to know that you can work with others who are in the same industry, another person's success doesn't take away your success. There is room, in some form or fashion, for us all.
Meeting cute customers 'face to face' makes my day! 
As part of my new plan to network with other designers and grow my business through social media, I will be hosting THE REALLY BIG GIVEAWAY: {16 vendors, 16 prizes, 5 winners} right here on Crafty Texas Girls. This is my first time to organize a 'multi-vendor' giveaway. It has been a lot of work, but in the process of reaching out to others, I have met some inspiring people. I think working together, sharing and encouraging other small business owners is what it is all about!

I would love to have your support too- so please join us right here on July 10th for THE REALLY BIG GIVEAWAY! Just having you enter the giveaway and show my new small business friends "a little facebook love" would mean the world to me :) plus you might just win!

And if you are a small business owner- whether it be your blog, an etsy shop, or a dream somewhere in your heart-- I would love to hear from you! Share you link or story in the comments so that we can all encourage and support you as well!

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  1. It can be tough being a small-business owner but I love every minute of it.
    I own and operate Mary's Heirloom Seeds. We're a "mom and pop" online heirloom seed company. If you're not sure about "heirloom" seeds...They're non-GMO, organic, open-pollinated seed varieties that can be traced 50-400+ years.


    Keep up the hard work and you'll succeed!!

  2. Hi Samantha, I too have a handmade business here in Texas in addition to my full time job. I enjoy producing clothing and a few gifts here and there. It is definitely hard to compete with big time wholesalers and equally hard for me to find boutiques that will carry items not sold through market! But there is such joy knowing that clients appreciate something that is unique and will last. I would love to help out with your giveaway if you are interested.

  3. Hi Jennifer
    I would love to check out your business- sounds like we have a lot in common! I would love any help you can give me promoting the Giveaway! :) Samantha


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:) Samantha

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