Camping 'Glamping' Party

My girl turns 6 on Wednesday, so to celebrate we had a little "Camp Out" with her friends from school.

Birthday shirt, party tips and tutorials here
The party was a great mixture of all her favorite things- girly fun, crafts, and playing outdoors. A bit camping... a bit glamping :)


We set up a few tents in the backyard, hung some bunting, and made a 'tissue paper camp fire'. 

The table held the 'tree stump' cake, cupcakes, chocolate covered marshmallows, trail mix and the party crafts.

 When the guests arrived, we started with a little snack. First the girls made 'rainbow fruit kabobs'. And you can't have a Camping Party without marshmallows. But since the girls are in Kindergarten, I decided to skip making s'mores over a live fire :) Instead I dipped the marshmallows in chocolate before they arrived.

Next, we headed out to the front yard for a 'Nature Hunt'. The girls searched for the pinecones, magnolia leaves, seed balls, and butterflies that had been hidden for them. I printed the 'hunt list' directly on brown paper bags.

When all the items on the list were found, the girls earned their official "Camp Afton" headband.

After the hunt, the girls played in the backyard, danced, and did few rounds of 'duck, duck, goose'.

Then it was on to "crafting". Prior to the party, I had used fabric markers to write "Camp Afton" on each canvas purse. The then girls added their own flair to the purses by using markers to decorate the other side. 

The camping fun continued with nail painting and making 'god's eyes' from yarn.

The party wrapped up with cake and presents.

Cake tutorial here

For favors, each girl left with her headband, craft, and purse. I think "Camp Afton" was a success!

Special thanks to my mom for all her help during the party. And to my husband who was a good sport through all the girly-craziness :)

--See the inspiration for this party on my Pinterest board by clicking here.
--For cake tutorial, diy party tips, and more click here.

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  1. Oh wow Samantha - just gorgeous!I love that campfire - your so creative!!! And everyone looks like that they had so much fun.
    I need to start thinking about a party theme for Payton who turns 5 in August. Five is a big deal here in NZ - its also the start of big school - so the day after the kids turn 5 they go into year 1. She has invited everyone who will look at her - so best I start getting myself organised.

    Take care xxx Nat

  2. That is the CUTEST party ever!!! So creative! Madeline would LOVE it and you know what I think that her brothers' would too! Great job Samantha!!!

  3. Wow super cute/cool party.I love the theme and everything you did with it.What cute cupcakes and cake too.And nail painting too.Those girls were lucky how fun.

  4. OMG the cutest thing ever!!! I LOVE!!!

  5. Thanks sweet friends!

    Natalie- I can't wait to see what you plan for Payton. There are so many fun ways to celebrate birthdays now.

    Cristi- Thank you! Made me so happy to see you 'repost' it on your facebook page too!!

    :) Samantha

  6. That's really adorable. What a cute idea. I'm going to see your inspiration board next.

  7. Looks like the party was a success....it is simply adorable. Great job!!

  8. What a cute and fun party!!! Love it. :) I recognized the Ojos de Dios (God's Eyes).I'm originally from New Mexico and my mom and dad had a couple of them. :)

  9. Everything about this party is great. And her birthday shirt is too cute!

  10. Wow! We are planning a "Glamping" Party for my 8 year-old and I got some fabulous ideas from your post. I was wondering where you got your invitations. I just love those.

  11. Hi Brandi
    I actually made them myself using PicMonkey.com and then printing them at home. But you could also look on Etsy.com-- I love the creative invites. Here are just a few I found today when I searched the site for "camping party invites".


    Let me know how the party turns out!
    :) Samantha

  12. A complete success, and I can’t wait to go camping again soon. Atv for rent


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:) Samantha

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