Party Planning: Camping

My girl will be turning 6 at the end of the month. Where has the time gone? After lots of brainstorming, she and I decided on a 'camping' party. Tents, marshmallows, crafts and friends... a great birthday theme for a Kindergartener!

Now keep in mind, neither one of us is actually really into 'camping' so it will be more 'glamping'-- you know glamorous camping. (Think "Troop Beverly Hills!) And since they are still wiggly little girls, we are camping in our backyard for 2 hours. I'm not ready to brave an over-night or the woods just yet!

I have been searching my favorite party blogs and I have found lots of adorable ideas and inspiration. Just look at the creativity out there...

Afton's "Wish List" for the party include: playing with friends, making a snack, doing a craft, painting nails, going on a scavenger hunt, eating cake and opening presents. Sounds like a pretty good 'camp out' to me! 

Have you ever been to a camping or 'glamping' party? Any ideas you want to share? :)

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