Crafting for Girl Scouts: Update... the Swaps

Just in case you were wondering... I did get those 'swaps' done for the Girl Scout event. Surprisingly, 200 weren't so hard to make. Afton helped me with about 75 of them. We simply threaded a safety pin into the pre-cut felt shapes that I had found Hobby Lobby. Then I hot glued her troop number to the back. We were pleased with the way the daisy swaps turned out.

Most importantly, we had fun making them :) And when "World Thinking Day" was finally here, Afton had a blast! She collected a ton of swaps, met lots of new friends, and learned some new interesting facts about places around the world.

Here are a few of her favorite swaps from that day...

a tiny easel and painting from France

some little hairy guy (she couldn't remember which country he came from)

a swiss army knife from Swizterland

 sand and shells from Jamaica

a tiny bag of coffee beans

and a miniature flag from Mexico

What crafts have you been working on for your kiddos (or grandkiddos) lately?


  1. Oh, wow! Those are so cute! Swap day sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. I have a little Daisy myself!! I would love for you to check out our Thinking Day Fun at


    It's fun to see what other scout troops are doing and I don't see many people blogging about it - thanks!

  3. The Daisy are cute, quick, and to he point, these would be great, because I have to make 100+ yikes!!


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