Ruffles Make Everything Better & A Giveaway

You probably already know this about me, but I love ruffles. Need more ruffles in your life? Check out these ideas...

Ruffles on cakes. 

Ruffles on beds. 

Ruffles on cribs. 

Ruffles in bathrooms. 

Ruffles on lamps. 

Ruffles on wreaths. 

Ruffles on onesies. 

Ruffles on pillows. 

Ruffles on dogs.
Ok- maybe not on dogs. I went too far there.
Ruffles on curtains.

Ruffles on chairs. 

Ruffles on ruffles. 

See Ruffles do make everything better!
So let's have a little GIVEAWAY! 

How about a pair of triple ruffle pants from Kelly's Kids with Jennifer Anderson for your little girl?
Or if you have a little guy, how about this awesome vest?! (Love the monogram-- monograms also make everything better. But I will save that idea for another post!)

Want to win? It's easy. Just use the Rafflecopter widget below. 
Which one would you want to win? The ruffle pants or the vest? Can't decide? 
Go to take a closer look at Kelly's Kids with Jennifer Anderson

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  1. I love the Triple Ruffle Leggings/pants. 'Would love to win them for my granddaughter :)

  2. Love this crafty site...from an Okie


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