Beach Photography: Our Family Photo Shoot from Destin

A few weeks ago, we went to Destin, Florida. This was our third summer to go and it was amazing. The clear water, white sand and warm weather are incredible.

I took a ton of snapshots on the beach with my iphone. But I wanted to have a nice family photo session done with a pro. One of my friend's recommended Sarah Lyn PhotographySara is just about the sweetest person I have ever met, we emailed back and forth several times before the shoot. When I met her for the session, she met a big smile and huge hug.

It was a really windy evening and my sweet Maisy was a little crazy-- but Sarah worked her magic.

She was full of ideas for 'poses' and she took photos of all the silliness in between. I love all the emotion and movement she captured.

I even got a new 'headshot'!

If you are ever near Destin, contact Sarah Lyn. You can follow her on facebook and see her work at Sarah Lyn Photography.

All photography by Sarah Lyn Photography
Now comes the hard part, picking which ones to print and hang on the wall!

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  1. These turned out so good! I love the last pic of all of ya'll! It's a framer:)

  2. How much more beautiful could it have been? The Photo's are great and thanks for sharing.
    Especially thanks, due to all the bad publicity the Gulf has gotten lately. Looks as though ya'll had a wonderful vacation, on a wonderful beach!

  3. These are beautiful pics!! Your girls look just like their daddy. :) I have brown hair/brown eyes too and my hubby has blonde hair/blue eyes, but the dominant brown won out and both my boys got my brown combo. LOL! I don't know how you're ever going to choose which ones to frame! They're all so perfect! Loved all your IG pics from the beach too. :)

  4. So many family and friends vacationed there this summer. I think I need a vacation.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful-you are one gorgeous woman with one gorgeous family! You do have a difficult decision ahead of you, they are all amazing photos!


  6. Your family is gorgeous and you are beautiful!!! Love the new headshot!


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