Take Great Pictures-On Your Phone!

As a self-proclaimed 'photo junkie' I am always looking to capture the moment. Even though I still use my big camera (Canon Rebel) in the 'auto' setting, I feel like I have a found a few tricks for taking great photos. But sometimes, I don't feel like lugging around my camera or I fear for its safety-- like when I am chasing my girls around a waterpark! Luckily there are some amazing apps you can download directly to your phone that can help you capture the moment with the ease of a single button.

First up, Instagram. If you aren't on Instagram, you are missing out! Basically Instagram allows you take a photo and then edit it directly on your phone. You can zoom, crop and add cool effects to your pictures. You can make the picture a 'black/white', add a vintage wash, or even choose a film-strip style frame. Your original photo and the newly edited one are saved to your 'photo roll' on your phone.
 My favorite part of Instagram is that once you are done editing, it is displayed on Instagram for your friends/family to see. Kind of like facebook, but you without politics, gossip, farmville, paid ads etc. It's just photos! (You can set privacy settings to control who sees your photos.)

Next, if you want to add text to the photos on your phone, try Phonto. It let's you choose fonts, size and placement of text. It reminds me of my favorite free-photo-editing site, Pic Monkey, but in 'phone app' format.

Finally, there is Diptic. This app lets you create collages and add effects to your photo frames-- right from your phone. This one also reminds of Pic Monkey :) I like this app if you have a series of photos that look best when displayed together.

Do you find yourself using your phone camera more than your 'real camera' too? What are your favorite apps? 

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  1. Of my top 5 favorite photo apps, those 3 are in them. You should also check out Snapseed and Filterstorm. Both are paid apps but it's like having Photoshop on your phone. I use them both in conjunction with Instagram all the time. My favorite thing about Filterstorm is that you can clone out stuff from your pics.

  2. How are you??? I changed the name of my blog from runningtobeskinny.com to sweatismysanity.com I finally got on instagram yesterday. I love it already. :) Take care. Jessica


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