Helium Balloons: Going, going, gone?

We headed out to get a few balloons today, I wanted to take some photos of Maisy at the park-- I thought the balloons would be a fun prop. But when we got to the floral counter at Tom Thumb, we saw this sign. Is Helium really 'gone'?

 Party planners and small children might be out of luck, according to the "Washington Post", the US helium supply is dwindling. You can read all the details here, but basically, helium is a non-renewable resource. The Washington Post reports, "Party supply stores are already feeling the pinch, as recent helium shortfalls have driven up the price of helium-filled balloons. But it’s not birthday parties we should worry about. A severe helium shortage, experts say, would cause problems for large swaths of the economy, from medical scanners to welding to the manufacturing of optical fibers and LCD screens."

Clothing by Samantha Conner Designs

The florist at Tom Thumb said that even Party City is sending their customers away empty handed and referring them to local grocery stores. But now even those stores are unable to fill the orders.

Clothing by Samantha Conner Designs
 So, we settled on balloons filled with air and attached to a stick. They turned out to be super cute. But could it be possible that future generations of children won't know the joys of a balloon on a string? Who would have thought?! 

Have a great weekend and if you happen to come across a helium balloon- enjoy it!

PS- Maisy's photo shoot is part of a new project I am working on-- "Samantha Conner Designs" is expanding to include a new line of girls clothing! Stay tuned--more details to come:)

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