DiY Headboards: Make Your Room the Place to Be

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Today I welcome Diane Kuehl a freelance writer and DiY/home improvement professional. She lives in Springfield, Illinois with her husband and two kids.  Diane will be sharing her ideas and inspiration for creating a beautiful headboard. 

DiY Headboards: 
Make Your Room the Place to Be
image via twoflychicks.blogspot.com
 When it comes to the bedroom, I am very particular. Most of the time, I just make my way to the nearest Restoration Hardware or Home Depot or someplace where I know I’ll be able to find something that resembles what I’m looking for.

Lately, though, I’ve been looking for something a bit more unique, and let’s be honest – those places just don’t fit the creative bill.

This is especially true when it comes to your bed’s headboards. I know, you’re thinking, “Headboards are all the same; they come with the bed.” In many cases, yes, this is true, but what if you could turn your bed into an attraction your friends will want to see, and something that you can be proud of in the future? Here are a few ideas for the perfect DiY headboard.

Do a Little Painting
The traditional idea of a headboard is that it must be physically attached to the bed. Well, think again. These two headboards are not only not attached to the bed, they don’t even take physical form.

Never heard of chalkboard paint? This headboard took form when the owner painted the wall directly behind their bed with the chalkboard paint, then used a little chalk to draw a headboard at the head of their bed. If you’re not the overly artistic type, here’s another idea that involves paint and is a lot less artistic, but still unique and beautiful.

All this takes is the ability to paint a rectangle, and there are plenty of tools that can aid you in that task.
Changing the feel of your bedroom has never been so easy as it is with a little paint. 

 The Art of Re-Purposing
Flexibility is the key to any DiY project. The more you have to use, the more flexible you are and the more likely you are to get done what you’re trying to get done. That’s where re-purposing old materials comes in.
Check out these two ways to re-use a few wooden materials that may have lying around the house or maybe find in a garage sale.
 Courtesy sfgirlbybay.com
 The two antique wooden doors in this house really define the room. As you can see, they accent the older green cabinet in the foreground, but they’re also not overboard on presentation. They are simple and subtle, despite how big they are.

These old wooden slates were once used in shipping, but now they are in the business of shipping you off to sleep. They may need to have a little touch-up done, but once you know you won’t have nails sticking out of the boards, these make a great piece for the head of your bed.
Quick note about these two particular examples: Many newer homes will place thermostats in the bedroom, somewhere near the bed. If this is the case in your home, please make sure to give the thermostat plenty of room to breathe. If not, the thermostat can break easily (even if the headboard never touches it) and it will cost you a pretty penny to replace.

Unconventional is the New Conventional
If you thought you’d be able to get out of this DiY project without doing a little grunt work, you were wrong. This headboard may take a little more work than the others, but it is well worth it.

Courtesy bhg.com
This is a light-weight shelf that has been covered with a white sheer fabric. You can either nail this to the boards or staple them – whichever you can accomplish without over extending yourself. On the inside are what amount to re-purposed Christmas lights, which should be put in before the mounting and sheer.  If you can manage it, cut a hole in the wall and feed the power cord to an outlet. If not, just bring the cord out through the bottom of the headboard and find an outlet nearby. Make sure you have access to the on/off switch, though. You don’t want to have to replace these lights very often!

Any time you are taking on a DiY project, the most important thing is to listen to your own style. With a little help from these examples, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for the look of your new bed.

Which DiY headboard would you like to have in your home? 

*Thank you to Diane for sharing her ideas and inspiration on headboards. This submission comes at the perfect time- as I am bed shopping for Maisy's " big girl" bed!  

*Would you like to be a guest writer for Crafty Texas Girls? Send me an email at craftytexasgirls@gmail.com

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  1. For a different take on the headboard I'm really liking the one with the lights. I won't show it to the kiddos yet because it isn't something I wish to tackle right now lol. Thank ya for sharing :)



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