Playroom Part 2: "Ballard Knock-off" Newsprint Dress

Now the pillows are done- feeling really motivated. So on to the walls. First, the art work.

Here is what I have on my walls.

Here is what I want to make.
Ballard Catalog
Supplies needed:
-mod podge, paint brush
-poster board
-bit of cardstock and fabric

Now the way I did it, was just to eye-ball the dress and start cutting out pieces of newspaper. It might be helpful to sketch the dress first, but I didn't want to take the time. (Nap time doesn't last forever.) I laid everything out and then when I was happy with how it looked, I stuck it to the poster board using mod podge.

Then I decided I needed another, coordinating piece of art. So I decided to do a cute, curvy lamp.
Notice that a bit of the 'check-fabric' I used on the pillows ended up on the dress and the lamp?

Fun, and so inexpensive to make!

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