"Ballard Knock-off" Sea Grass Lamp Shade

I adore getting the "Ballards" catalog. So many beautiful things, such gorgeous rooms, and lots of inspiration.

Large grouping of similar photos.

Botanical Prints

Topiary, bulbs and a gorgeous mirror

 I spent a whole month drooling over this lovely sea grass lampshade. I kept trying to justify spending $40, plus shipping.

After searching the internet, I found that $40 is pretty much the going rate. So I decided to improvise.

Here is what I used:
- 2 packages of sisal rope (found in the 'hardware' department at Wal-mart or at Ace Hardware)
- 1 lamp shade
- lots of hot glue

Take one of these...

 Then hot glue this all around it.

And here is the finished product.

It's not sea grass, but it is sisal :)
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