More green

I am really loving indoor plants. Not the 'old crazy sun room' plants or 'ivy on top of all the cabinets' type of plants. But simple, clean greenery.

I don't have any plants really- except the bulbs I showed you yesterday and a small spider lily.

But if I did- they would look like these :)

Photos all found here.

We are having lots of warm weather here. 70's all week! Makes me want to garden--- maybe....


  1. I am liking indoor plants too! I know nothing about keeping them up! I love your tulips yesterday!

  2. I bought some succulents last summer from walmart and put them in plane white pots. I'm telling you they are so easy to care for...if I can keep them alive, so can you. I do need to add more to my home though, love all the pics you featured. Have a fabulous weekend!!


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