Sweet Candy Themed Teacher Appreciation Week

Our "So Sweet to be Taught By You" Staff Appreciation was a hit with both the kids and teachers. Here is a look at what I planned for the week. None of this would have possible without lots and lots of helping hands. (I did not do any of this alone!) Teachers/staff are the people who love and care for our kids all day. They deserve to be thanked. I hope they felt extra appreciated this week! 

I began planning about a month out. I have a great co-chair, Tiffany, who brainstormed ideas with me. This is what we came up with. We sent this "Sweet Schedule" out to all the parents in our PTA newsletter and then had our Homeroom Parents email it to all our school families. We tried to balance out the week so that parents didn't have to bring something everyday.

Template for Sweet Schedule via "Crazy Little Projects" 
Day 1: Donut Breakfast 
My Hospitality committee took care of this event. I sent out a Sign-Up Genius with items needed and then I picked up Starbucks travelers. We arrived at school at 6:45am to set it up, that way the teachers could have breakfast (or take some back to their room) before the school day began. 

Day 2: Candy Cart 
PTA took care of this too! I purchased snacks for the teachers and loaded it up on a library cart. I tried to pick a variety of 'candy'-- treats you could buy at the movies, trail mix, nuts, pop corn, and gluten-free chips too. Savory & sweet. Low-cal, high-cal. This cart had it all! We walked from class to class, letting the teachers pick a treat. 


Day 3: Candy Poem 
Our Homeroom Parents rocked this one! We found the poem over at PTO Weekly. I emailed to our Homeroom Parents and they decided how to present it to the class. In my Kindergarten daughter's class, a parent read the poem out loud and the kids helped by bringing up the candy when they heard it mentioned in the poem. In my 4th grade daughter's class- the kids did it all! Afton re-wrote the poem on a poster, taped on the candy, and then the entire class took turns reading a sentence at a time. All the kids (and teachers) liked this activity. Lots of laughter! 

Source for Poem- "PTO Weekly" 
Source for Poem- "PTO Weekly" 
Day 4: Sweet Note from Kids
Tiffany made this cute printable for the kids. We sent home copies in their folders. At home, they wrote and colored it-- telling why their teacher is so special. The kids really enjoyed making this little 'love note' for their teachers. 

I also sent a little cactus with the Love Note. The little card in the plant can be found here. 
Day 5: Treat from the Favorites List 
On Friday, we invited parents to send in a gift or special treat from their teacher's "Favorite List". My girls brought their teachers chocolate and gift cards :) 

And here are the other things we did throughout the week. 

Door Decor: We decorated our teacher's doors to go with the 'sweet candy' theme. (See my post about it here.)  

Gift Card Drawing-Prior to the week, I collected gift cards. Then each day, on our school morning show, my sweet girls 'drew a few winners' from a candy jar filled with the names of every staff member. (Spoiler alert-- everyone was a winner! We collected enough gift cards so that every staff member and teacher 'won' a $15 gift card.) I packed the gift cards in these cute bags from Hobby Lobby and used the printable below to 'seal' them shut. 

Template for Sweet Printable via Crazy Little Projects 
Template for Sweet Printable via Crazy Little Projects 

Lunch off-campus at Rio Mambo- I am pretty sure this was the highlight of the week. Our fabulous teachers enjoyed a long lunch at Rio Mambo while parent volunteers watched the classes. Organizing the volunteers for this took a bit of planning, the teachers took turns going, so about 12 got to go to lunch each day. I am so appreciative of the parents that came up to school so the staff could go! 

And that wraps up the week. It had a lot of 'moving parts'-- but it was a lot of fun. As always, I am blown away by the generosity of our school's parents. And I have to say, volunteering in the classroom while the teachers went to lunch made me "really, really appreciate" what they do every day! Teaching is not for the faint of heart! If you teach-- you rock! 


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