Craft It: A Pillow for Kids

An Unusual Love Story
We have no shortage of dolls and stuffed animals in this house. Yet for some reason, that has not stopped Maisy from becoming extremely attached to my decorative throw pillow. I bought this pillow at Target- I like the texture of the leather against the duck cloth, accented with  'nail head' embellishment.

But when Maisy looks at this pillow, she doesn't see any of that. She just sees her baby. And she packs this pillow all around the house. Sitting with it at the table, rocking it and even dancing with it.

I felt bad for the kid! I mean this pillow didn't even have 'eyes'. So after a short discussion with Little Miss, I determined that what she liked best about the pillow was it's size and shape. And yes, 'eyes' would be nice-- if that could somehow be arranged.

So with big plans, we headed upstairs to the craft room carrying a similar sized pillow that I had been storing in the closet. It was time to make Maisy her own pillow--with 'eyes'.

We dug around the fabric piles until we found something Maisy liked. A nice soft jersey knit and a pretty pink/gray chevron stripe.

The rest was nothing less than a 'mad scientist creates Frankenstein' type moment. Big green button eyes, a pink mouth, and of course- a hair bow.

Maisy was responsible for the design, I was the manual labor. (And I had to work fast, no time for pretty stitching. The arms and legs even got 'nixed' because she just couldn't wait!)

And so, a Pillow Pal was born. I can't say it is the most beautiful thing I have ever made. But I can say that it is one of the most-loved.

My decorative pillows are now safe. And Maisy has a pillow with 'eyes'. A happy ending for all.

What is the strangest thing you ever made for someone you love?

Hope you have a happy Valentines! 

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