Trend Alert: Outdoor Artwork

When I was flipping through a few catalogs and searching the web the other day, I noticed something --- lots of  "Outdoor Artwork". These beautiful paintings are actually weather-proof, so you can hang them in your patio area.




 Our backyards have become an extension of our homes, complete with rugs, chandeliers, throw pillows, curtains and now art work!


Source: houzz.com via Samantha on Pinterest

We are bit less formal around here. SO I decided to let my girls create some "Outdoor Artwork" for the backyard.

 The girls painted some left-over beadboard with acrylic paints. No specific directions, just paint!
 After they dried, I sprayed them with a light coat of silver 'Glitter Blast' spray paint. Partially because we love glitter :) and also because I was hoping it would seal the paint. Then Jeff hung them low on the fence near the playhouse.

 I think they add a lot to this space. We have had several heavy rains and the paintings look as good as they did the day they were painted.

 What about you? Do you use your backyard as another living area? What do you think of the "Outdoor Artwork" trend?  

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  1. Nice collection of ideas! My lttle boy would live outside if I would let him... so I will send you a picture if I ever decide to put his crib outside. :) Just Kidding. have a good day!

  2. How totally perfect. I am thinking along the same lines, since I just decided I need some artwork above the daybed on my back porch last week. I am actually planning to buy some old windows to put up, since the sun hits here pretty hard as it sets in the west; I don't care what they say about "no fading".

  3. What an adorable idea!! Looks like the girls had a lot of fun with their pictures too!


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