Bigger than the boogie man

It's Vacation Bible School week at our church. This year I volunteered to be a Guide-- so I have been doing my best to lead 18 "future first graders" through games, crafts, singing, stories and more. It is amazing how many fun activities you can fit into a mere 3 hours! I think that Veggie Tales song "God is Bigger than the boogie man" will forever be stuck in my head :)

Being with these little ones has warmed my heart (and left me exhausted!!). But they have reminded me of some simple joys...
Kids sing loud and dance silly. They are eager to hold hands, pass out hugs, and share a smile. They say what is on their minds and express what they feel in their hearts. They try so hard to 'be big'-- but only if that means they can still jump in a bounce house. They all want to be 'the helper' and a 'good friend'. They notice everything and imitate what they observe. The patience, kindness and love these children have been shown by others, is reflected through their actions.

Time spent with children is truly a humbling experience.

What are you up to this week?
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