"Real" Summer Fun

I am so excited to have both my girls at home with me this summer. After a year full of alarm clocks, early mornings, and homework-- we are looking forward to relaxing and having fun. But as much as I am looking forward to 3 whole months without a schedule, part of me knows that I am not 'laid back enough' to just hang out every day.  We need a plan!

There are lots of 'Summer Activity' lists floating around the web, like the cute ones below. These lists are not only pretty to look at, but they are jam-packed full of great ideas.

But between you and me, I have to admit seeing all these amazing 'to- do' lists can make me feel a bit overwhelmed.  I want to keep my girls happy, but I am just one woman! 

So my girls and I sat down and made a poster of what we really wanted to do this summer. I wanted our list to be real.  So, I was careful to only write down things that I knew we would all enjoy (including me!). No need to create a giant list that looked pretty but would never happen. This list is real and it is written to help us when we hit those 'what should we do?' moments.

 We started our list by looking over the one we created last year. Then we added to it things that are already planned-- the beach trip, camps, VBS. And then we thought about the fun things that we haven't had time to do during the school year.

It's a framework for the next three months. I feel good that it is honest, easy and if we don't get to everything on the list-- well that will be okay too.

I want to keep the girls in the habit of daily reading and writing. I want them to help around the house with a few daily 'age appropriate' chores. And I want to have something fun to do each day. The best part is, fun doesn't have to be super complicated or expensive. Fun is being together and finding joy in the moment. Fun is as easy as hunting for bugs, swimming or painting a picture.

 With three months home together each day, I want to make sure to take time to do a few things for myself as well. Run, sew, read, craft, write etc.  Remember, "no one is happy if momma isn't happy!" So I am not going to take on the role of the 'entertainment director on a cruise ship'. I want to feel like is summer is a break for me as well. I am promising myself not to feel pressured to create the perfect summer.

Perfection is over-rated.
Around here we will just be shooting for smiles, relaxation, and of course, a few crafts.

What are your hopes for the summer?
Need a few ideas for your 'real' summer list? Check out my board on Pinterest

*Happy News*- I am honored to be the guest-posting over at "Serenity Now" today. Hope you'll pop over and say 'hi' :)  

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