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Happy Saturday! Today I thought I would talk about something besides crafting :) Instead I thought I would share a bit of my personal life outside my home!

Every mom needs a break, a time-out from laundry, homework, and problem solving. No matter how much you love your kiddos, everyone needs a chance to go out, dress up, and just chat with friends. I count myself lucky to have some sweet friends who love any excuse to do just that.  So now that the kiddos are back in school, it’s time to plan a night out with the girls. Here’s how to make the most of your night away!

Who’s Invited:
Look at who you know. I have several groups of friends that like to celebrate “Girls Night Out”.  Think about the fun girl from MOPS, or the sweet mom you met at preschool, how about some of the gals you drink coffee with at playdates, even neighbors, or the ladies on your running team- there is always someone who is wanting to go out. Sometimes the group is small, other times the group might take over several tables. I like having the different types of friends to go out with. And occasionally those groups mingle and everyone ends up together. Always encourage the ‘bring a friend rule’ so the groups can keep growing and changing. I am firm believer in the ‘more the merrier’- you never know when you are going to meet a new friend.

Set a Date:
Some people like to know way in advance and others do well with last minute outings. So try both ways and see what works best. Set up a standing date- maybe the second Tuesday of every month. Or if it has been ‘one of those days’ and you need a breather, just text some friends and see who is willing to meet you at a moment’s notice.

What to Do:
We are fortunate to live an area with lots to offer, but no matter where you are- you can find something fun to do as long as you have great company. There are a ton of activities, restaurants, and stores that are the perfect for hosting a group of girls. Some of the best “Girls Night Out” range from relaxing over dinner to breaking a sweat in a new class.

A few personal favorites have been:
-Yoga at Cowboys Stadium: For a small fee, groups of yogis (no experience necessary) are given a special tour of the stadium and then practice yoga to live music right on the turf. Not many people can say they have done a ‘wagon wheel’ on the Cowboys star!

-Cinema Grill: When “Sex in the City 2” came out, the theater hosted a red carpet affair. Nothing like eating, chatting and watching Carrie and Mr.Big with your best girlfriends. After the movie ended, the boutique next door opened their doors for a exclusive “SC2” shopping event.

-Live Music and Tastings at Local Vineyards: Each Thursday night,  our local vineyard hosts  “Rhythm and Wine”. It is a variety of live music paired with local wine. The vineyard also offers cheese, fruit and cracker pairings with their tastings.

 -Explore Your City: Grab a limo and then head to dinner in your nearest downtown. For us, a new group of restaurants have opened up off West 7th  in Fort Worth and the great atmosphere and creative food are a nice escape. I highly recommend “Tillman’s Roadhouse”- the cuisine and d├ęcor are worth the drive! 

Other Ideas:
 - Group Classes
 -Get Creative
Painting with a Twist
-Expand your Palate
Try new foods or participate in a wine tasting
 Many small boutiques will host private shopping for you and a few friends
Antiquing- hunt for treasure together
-Do Some Good
Sort Clothing and Treasures at resale shops to benefit local charities 
Work on a project like Habitat for Humanity 

Make it a Habit: Don’t wait for a birthday or special occasion to get together again. Try to meet up once a month. It might seem hard to schedule, but once everyone is out together- the effort will be worth it. Try setting up a private facebook page to organize the next night out. Or keep in touch with emails and texts. Cultivating friendships for yourself is just as important as the ones you encourage your children to have. Support, smiles and a chance to share can do wonders for any woman. In the end, a relaxed happy mom is a better mom! 


  1. My sister lives in Haslet - would love the info you have on the Thursday night vineyard events so I could pass them along (I'm in Seattle).

  2. The vineyard is called "Delaney"- she can check it out at

    Fun times!
    :) Samantha


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