Better than Jewelry

Do you feel the way I do? You know, that chandeliers and better than jewelry?

As you know, I have always used my breakfast nook as a sitting area. But until now, the lighting hasn't really matched the decor.

So on a recent trip to Lee Lighting, I found my way into the "chandy room". Afton and I stood with our mouths gaping open as we 'ooed' and 'aahhed' at the sparkly lights.

Source: google.com via Tess on Pinterest

We pulled ourselves out of the room long enough to pick out this gorgeous new lantern for our entry way.

But then we ended up right back under the crystals.

My sweet husband was kind enough to 'support' the purchase. And we left with a glamorous new chandelier. He happily installed it,

and then laughed as I laid down on the rug and stared up at my new favorite thing.

Needing to add a chandelier to your decor?

-Make one from mardi gras beads

-Ikea makes an adorable one too

Source: ikea.com via Samantha on Pinterest

-Find an old brass one in a thrift store and paint it

-Or save for a really long time... and get one like this!

Do you have a good 'chandy love' story? Leave me a comment and tell me about it!
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