I saw something this week that honestly made me squeal...

Glitter Blast spray paint from Krylon!

Imagine what you could create with glittered spray paint....

-Glittered lamp shades

-Glittered pumpkins

-Even Glittered Accessories!

I am so impressed that spray paint has gone chic. And have you seen what you can do with the Krylon Lookinglass? You can turn any glass surface into 'mercury glass'! Simply spray the inside of the glass with the Lookinglass spray paint and then use a 50/50 water-vinegar mixture to remove parts of the paint. Genius!

Spray paint has come a long way.

What have you created with it?  
 And no- I am not this post does not mean Krylon is my newest sponsor. Although that would be fabulous. I just thought their new products are cool!  

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