Made to Match

One of my favorite parts of my little business is the chance to be creative. I do a lot of 'made-to-match' hair accessories. Customers bring me special outfits, bags of clothing, or send me photos. Then I get to create something adorable to go with it.

Made to Match- Crazy 8

Etsy Dress for Disney


Faded Glory - this customer also has this dress in blue. So I made a bow to match both the hot pink and the bright blue dress.

What is your favorite "creative outlet"? Sewing, home decor, scrapbooking, painting? Set aside some time to indulge your crafty side, it's therapeutic! 

Crafty Texas Girls bows available here.

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  1. Love all the M2M bows!!! I sew, but I can not make a bow if my life depended on it!!! Great job!


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